Standing Predator 4 x 4


Discover the ultimate adventure partner: the All-Terrain Standing Predator 4×4 Power Wheelchair by Radical Mobility. Engineered to spark your spirit of exploration, this rugged ride transforms every outdoor outing into an exhilarating escapade.


Unleash the unrivalled power of the ALL-TERRAIN 4×4 1400 Watt beast, designed to conquer any landscape with ease. No terrain can impede its relentless momentum, whether sandy shores or rocky trails. Whether fishing by the lake, tracking game in the wild, or simply enjoying nature’s beauty, this wheelchair ignites excitement.


Crafted for durability and stability, the Rugged Standing Predator 4×4 Power Wheelchair ensures a secure outdoor experience. With exceptional balance and a low center of gravity, it effortlessly navigates doorways and fits beneath tables, offering reliability and convenience. Plus, it’s fully customizable to meet your unique needs.


Standing wheelchairs enhance circulation and relieve pressure sores. Prolonged sitting reduces blood flow, leading to pressure ulcers. By allowing users to stand intermittently, these wheelchairs redistribute pressure, reducing the risk of skin breakdown and improving comfort.


Standing also promotes bone health and prevents muscle contractures. Weight-bearing stimulates bone density and muscle strength, crucial for skeletal integrity and preventing osteoporosis. Regular standing prevents muscle atrophy and contractures by stretching and activating muscles.


Embrace outdoor freedom with this locally crafted, budget-friendly powerhouse. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to boundless adventure as you confidently conquer the great outdoors. Prepare to blaze new trails and seize unforgettable moments with the All-Terrain Standing Predator 4×4 Power Wheelchair by your side.