Introducing the Radical Mobility Standing Power Wheelchair Dassie SX Extreme – witness its resilience and power as it conquers a daunting incline with great stability at our factory. Engineered to excel both indoors and outdoors, this wheelchair stands as one of the most durable and potent all-terrain options available today that gives you the ability to stand upright again.


Experience the adrenaline of off-road adventures with the Standing Power Wheelchair Dassie SX Extreme by Radical Mobility. With its impressive performance, this wheelchair ensures a thrilling ride through any terrain, but with elegance, it manoeuvres easily indoors.


Unleash the unparalleled power of the ALL-TERRAIN 2 x 700 Watt powerhouse. Whether it’s gravel, hills, or grass, this wheelchair fearlessly tackles every challenge with sheer brute force. Rediscover the joy of outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, or farming, all while enjoying the freedom of the trails once again all while standing upright again.


Crafted for durability and stability, the Rugged Standing Dassie SX Extreme Power Wheelchair offers a safer outdoor experience with its superb balance and low center of gravity. Despite its robust build, it maintains a height that easily fits under standard tables and effortlessly manoeuvres through standard doorways. Plus, it’s customisable to meet your specific needs.


Embrace the freedom of outdoor adventures with this locally manufactured, affordable powerhouse. Get ready to embark on new journeys with confidence and ease.



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