Power Wheelchairs

Radical Mobility is a South African company that designs, manufactures and markets power wheelchairs, which
maximise mobility and comfort for people with physical disabilities all around the world. We developed a range of power wheelchairs that are affordable, comfortable, safe and versatile – especially in their ability to operate indoors and outside. Radical Mobility has 15 years experience, we perform wheelchair services and can diagnose, repair your scooter and power wheelchair, at a fixed labour charge even if you didn’t buy it from us.

Power Wheelchairs: R1250.00 excl. Parts


  • Strip chair down to the frame
  • 94 point check-lists followed
  • The client informed of findings prior
  • Everything cleaned and lubricated
  • Batteries equalised and charged
  • Carbon removed from motors

Mobility Scooters: R1250.00 excl. Parts


  • Strip down scooter to the frame
  • 83 point check-list followed
  • The client informed of findings prior
  • Everything is cleaned and lubricated
  • Batteries equalised and charged
  • Carbon removed from the motor

Our company strives to be a breath of fresh air in a stagnant market, by providing a locally manufactured, affordable and practical electric wheelchair and a new mobility scooter range. Each person’s needs are unique; so the power wheelchair or mobility scooter must be uniquely suited to the individual’s needs, and that is what we do – build uniquely suited power wheelchairs. As part of our wheelchair services we also do complete refurbishment and pimp-my-ride, so that your mobility device functions and looks as good as new!

We deal with all Medical Aids, Road Accident Fund (RAF), Workmans Compensation (WCA) and SAPS IOD for you.


Computer Set-up

One of the greatest tools in the 21st century-a computer! Personally, as a quadriplegic, I cannot imagine my life without it. It has opened a whole new world where you don’t need mobility to gain accessibility; it is just one click away. Imagine studying, communicating with people across the globe, gaming, chatting and, best of all, surfing the Web. We will assist you in making your current computer user-friendly or supply you with a new computer configured for your needs, Voice Activation Software, roller ball mouse, mouth stick, eye level monitor… We can even network your house so that you can do everything with a laptop anywhere in your home.

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