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Standing Dassie SX Extreme


Standing Wheelchair Dassie SX Extreme


The Stranding wheelchair in the Dassie SX Extreme range is quite a nimble stylish outdoor/indoor run-around with 2 x 350-watt motors. It has a solid rigid frame for extra strength with big pneumatic rear wheels and all-terrain knobbly pneumatic castor wheels to give you a good grip on all surfaces. The Standing Wheelchair Dassie SX Extreme has a great center of gravity to allow you to stand up safely. It has a rear body that can be sprayed to any colour of your choice, strong, sturdy, and extremely cheeky! It also comes with upgraded 45 Amp/hr deep cycle batteries to give you a greater range, a contoured backrest, a headrest for extra comfort, knee supports, and a chest strap. This stand-up wheelchair is ready to raise you up again!

New editions to our products get added regularly, all metalwork is now Sandtex powder-coated and has a textured feel to it and that’s because of the insoluble additives that are present in the powder, extra protection and durability to scratches and corrosion and bodywork will now be rubberised for extra protection against scratches and bumps. We strive to keep improving the performance and aesthetics of all our products. Our products have been tried and tested in real-life scenarios both indoors and outdoors.

There are a few extras that we do offer as well:

* Rear-mounted carry-bag
* Lap table
* Drinks holder
* Canvas Rain cover
* Front and rear LED lights
* USB charging sockets



  • Drive wheels 145/70-6 Pneumatic wheels
  •  Castor Wheels 285/85-4 Pneumatic wheels
  •  Seat width (custom made)
  •  Seat length (custom made)
  •  Backrest height (custom made)
  •  Total width 690 mm
  • Total length 1100 mm (end of footplates)
  •  Seat height floor to seat 470 mm
  •  Armrests adjustable
  •  Solid adjustable footplate
  •  Chin or hand control
  •  Speed 8-15 Kph
  •  Weight 65 Kg incl. Batteries
  •  Motors: 2 x 350 watt (Eff.) high torque
  •  Batteries: 2 x 45 Amp/hr SLA Deep cycle (Lithium-ion available)
  •  Charger: 5 Amp/hr Meanwell
  •  Dynamic Controls 75 LiNX Amp (Adaptive Learning)
  •  Seat Standing angle: 70-80°
  •  Safe incline angle:  15°
  •  Frame: Ridged Powder Coated
  • Knee supports, Lap belt, and Chest belt


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