Standing Dassie SX Extreme


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Standing Dassie SX Extreme


The Standing Dassie SX Extreme, quite a nimble stylish outdoor/indoor run around with 2 x 350-watt motors. It has a solid rigid frame for extra strength with big pneumatic rear wheels and all-terrain knobbly pneumatic castor wheels to give you a good grip on all surfaces. The Standing Dassie SX Extreme has a rear body that can be sprayed to any colour of your choice, strong, sturdy, and extremely cheeky! It also comes with upgraded 45 Amp/hr deep cycle batteries to give you a greater range, a contoured backrest, and headrest for extra comfort. It is ready to raise you up again!

There are a few extras that we do offer as well:

* Rear-mounted carry-bag
* Lap table
* Drinks holder
* Rain cover
* Front and rear lights



  • Drive wheels 145/70-6 Pneumatic wheels
  •  Castor Wheels 285/85-4 Pneumatic wheels
  •  Seat width (custom made)
  •  Seat length (custom made)
  •  Backrest height (custom made)
  •  Total width 690 mm
  • Total length 1100 mm (end of footplates)
  •  Seat height floor to seat 470 mm
  •  Armrests adjustable and removable
  •  Solid footplate
  •  Chin and hand
  •  Speed 8-10 Kph
  •  Weight 65 Kg incl. Batteries
  •  Motors: 2 x 300 watt (Eff.) high torque
  •  Batteries: 2 x 45 Amp/hr SLA Deep cycle
  •  Charger: 5 Amp/hr Meanwell
  •  Dynamic Controls 75 Amp
  •  Seat Standing angle: 85°
  •  Safe incline angle:  15°
  •  Frame: Ridged


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