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Standing Predator 4 x 4


Stand-up Predator 4 x 4


This is the Predator 4 x 4 wheelchair now with stand-up function a first of its kind, yep it is the ALL-TERRAIN 4 x 4, 1400 Watt stand-up wheelchair. Sand, gravel, hills, beach, grass … bring it on! Pure brute power waiting to be unleashed. A rugged Standing 4 x 4 Power Wheelchair that allows you to once again enjoyed the great outdoors, return to fishing, hunting, farming or just trailing along. You can many other functions to this chair that will suit your needs because it is custom-built for you!

This power Standing Predator 4 x 4 stand-up wheelchair is strong with superb balance and a low center of gravity to make your outdoor adventuring and standing much safer, and yet it is low enough to fit under a standard table and narrow enough to drive through a standard door. It is locally manufactured for you by a multi-award-winning team, and is affordable to own!

A new edition to our products gets added regularly, all metalwork is now Sandtex powder-coated and has a textured feel to it and that’s because of the insoluble additives that are present in the powder, extra protection and durability to scratches and corrosion and bodywork will now be rubberised for extra protection.

Physical Benefits of Stand-Up Wheelchairs

Improved breathing function. …
Blood flow enhancement. …
Enhancing bladder & bowel function. …
Increased bone density. …
Pressure ulcers. …
Reducing spasticity and contractures. …
Independence. …
Easier and safer transfers.


• Customised comfort seating or seat pan
• Lumbar & Lateral support
• Pure 4-Wheel Drive
• Wide All-terrain drive rear wheels
• Wide All-terrain drive front wheels
• Heavy-duty durable frame (hand made)
• Rugged powder-coated steel frame
• Height adjustable flip-up armrests
• Height adjustable flip-up footrests
• Power-built 4 x 350watt (Max) 24V motors
• Sealed LA batteries 45 Amp/hr
• Dynamic Control® LiNX 75 Amp unit
• Battery charger included
• Interchangeable control
• Can reach speeds up to 10-17 Km/h
• * Travel up to 20 km
• Built-in 5 degree seat tilt
• Built-in 5 degree backrest tilt
• 120 mm ground clearance (5 inches)
• Any terrain, more suited for outdoor
• Width = 700 mm (27.5 inches)
• 20-degree angle capability

* Dependant on Terrain, User Weight, Temp


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