Kukini Special Needs Stroller

Introducing the KUKINI™ Special Needs Stroller, meticulously crafted to surpass customer expectations. Lightweight and versatile, it’s designed for both leisurely strolls and rigorous running sessions. Constructed with an aluminium frame adorned with reflective elements, the KUKINI™ ensures the safety and comfort of your child during urban explorations or adventures in wooded areas. Equipped with a rear shock-absorbing system and 16-inch inflatable spoked wheels, it delivers a smooth ride on any terrain, delighting both child and caregiver alike.


Safety is paramount with the KUKINI™, featuring a 5-point safety harness with a magnetic fastener to secure your child and maintain proper seating alignment. The Octagon™ headrest provides optimal head support at adjustable heights, while the customisable backrest ensures the perfect riding position. Convenience meets practicality with the KUKINI™, boasting a wheel quick-release system and a compact fold for effortless storage and transportation. Its durable upholstery includes a handy pocket for storing essentials like phones, wallets, or keys.


For added protection against the elements, the KUKINI™ can be outfitted with an adjustable folding canopy, shielding your child from wind, rain, or sun exposure. Experience the ultimate in comfort, safety, and convenience with the KUKINI™ Special Needs Stroller. The disc brake, operated by a central handle located on the comfortable, ergonomic push handle, allows you to control your speed. Invaluable when climbing hills. A wrist safety strap prevents accidental rolling away of the stroller with a child. The rear wheel central brake ensures safety when the stroller is not in motion, for example when putting the child in or taking them out of the stroller.


Size 1 Size 2
Width [cm] 67 74
Width after folding** [cm] 54 60
Length (min – max) [cm] 124 – 143 141 – 169
Length after folding** [cm] 97 103
Height [cm] 105 107
Height after folding** [cm] 38 38
Weight [kg] 14 16,5

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