Radical Mobility stands out in the realm of custom-built electric wheelchairs and disability products with its diverse array of innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. Founded on the principle of enhancing accessibility and independence, Radical Mobility’s product range spans across mobility aids, adaptive equipment, and assistive technologies, each meticulously crafted to empower users and enrich their quality of life.


One cornerstone of Radical Mobility’s offerings lies in its custom-built electric wheelchairs. Recognising that no two individuals have the same requirements, these wheelchairs are meticulously designed and engineered to fit the user’s body dimensions, mobility capabilities, and lifestyle preferences. Electric power wheelchairs for everyday use or a rugged, all-terrain model for outdoor adventures, Radical Mobility ensures that each wheelchair is a seamless extension of the user, promoting comfort, mobility, and confidence.


Beyond wheelchairs, Radical Mobility pioneers a diverse range of adaptive equipment and assistive technologies aimed at breaking down barriers to accessibility.

Moreover, Radical Mobility understands the importance of personal expression and style, as reflected in its customisable product options. Users can choose from a variety of colours, patterns, and accessories to personalise their mobility aids, fostering a sense of ownership and identity.


What truly sets Radical Mobility apart is its commitment to collaboration and customer-centric design. The company works closely with individuals, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to understand their unique challenges and aspirations, leveraging feedback and insights to continually refine and innovate its product offerings.


In essence, Radical Mobility’s range of custom-built disability products transcends mere functionality, embodying a philosophy of empowerment, inclusivity, and innovation. By championing personalised solutions and pushing the boundaries of assistive technology, Radical Mobility is not just transforming mobility—it’s revolutionising lives.