Radical Mobility is a South African company that designs, manufactures and markets power wheelchairs and mobility scooters which maximize mobility and comfort. Custom built for disabled people who still have a zest for life.  Martin Brown, the founding Manager of Radical Mobility, is a C3/6 quadriplegic himself, confined to a wheelchair since 1998. His frustration in trying to find a good-looking, practical power wheelchair that catered for his needs, led directly to the formation of Radical Mobility. 


Martin demanded maneuverability indoors but also the ability to drive on surfaces like beach sand. He needed comfort and support, and the ability to surmount obstacles, slopes and didn’t want his power wheelchair to look like hospital equipment. So Radical Mobility was born with inspiration from his Creator, friends, and family. Martin started to develop a range of wheelchairs that are affordable, comfortable, safe and versatile – especially in their ability to operate indoors and outside.


A range designed by the ultimate expert in the needs of electric wheelchair users. Radical Mobility aims to be a breath of fresh air in a stagnant market by providing a locally manufactured, affordable and practical all terrain power wheelchairs. Each person’s needs are unique, so their wheelchair must be uniquely suited to the individual’s needs.


We will continue to expand our range and to improve mobility for accessibility.  Customer service and experience is an integral part of our company’s strategy, we not only supply the best versatile power wheelchairs, mobility scooters and disability equipment in the market today but will also provide prompt, professional service to anybody, customer or not.


We specialise in power wheelchairs and mobility scooters!


Radical Mobility has now been running for the past 15 years and has developed some great products serving disabled customers all over the world. We will continue to grow and push the boundaries of developing exciting Radical wheelchairs that will improve the lives of its users.

Sanlam / Business Partners Entrepreneur of the Year ® 2010 SME Award
SEDA Most Promising Job Creating Entrepreneur - 2011
Sanlam / Business Partners Entrepreneur of the Year ® 2012 Finalist
Exclusive Entrepreneur of the Year® Alumni Society - 2015
ROCCI & FNB Business of the Year nomination - 2017
Inseta Business Leadership Award - 2011
SEDA Most Promising Entrepreneur with a Disability - 2011
Nedbank / 702 Business Accelerator Finalist 2014
Finalist for the Industrial Category the 2013 Africa SMME Awards Competition
ROCCI & FNB Small Business Achievement Award – 2017

With the above awards already won, Radical Mobility still will be working hard to ensure that all of our customers’ expectations are met in all transactions. We aim to maintain a presence within the disabled community and a close relationship with our customers.


Radical Mobility has become a corporation serving the local community as well as offering an extensive African and International market. Products are manufactured with the user and his/her environment in mind; all designs are user-specific and easily adjustable just for you!


We are always designing to make the everyday life of people with disabilities much easier and mor fun.



Martin Brown, Founding Manager of Radical Mobility is a C3/6 quadriplegic.


Operations Manager, at Radical Mobility for last 12 years.


Stanley Mpholo, Workshop Manager and senior welder at Radical Mobility.


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